Bolivia FECAFEB Organic Fair Trade Green Coffee Beans

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Bolivia FECAFEB Organic Fair Trade Green Coffee Beans. This coffee is delicately sweet, has a medium body notes of honey and dried cherries with a hint of cocoa in the finish, rich Aroma.

In 1991, The Federation of Coffee Exporting Producers of Bolivia (FECAFEB) was founded. This federation represents 30 member organizations, which represent about 8,500 coffee producing families. FECAFEB’s directory board consists of 5 members, who are democratically elected for a 2 year term. The federation works to support, defend, and protect the interests and rights of the coffee producers and their families. FECAFEB assists the producers by helping them promote and market their product, by giving them advice on how to create a quality product, maintain an organic process, and by organizing workshops and projects. They also have a financial service, FINCAFE, that provides credit and loans for the farmers.

Location: Caranavi Province, North and South Yungas

Altitude: 3,937- 5,905 Feet (1,200 - 1,800 Meters)

Variety: Criolla (Typica), Caturra, and Catuai

Process: Full washed

Drying: Raised solar-dryer platforms

Harvest: March - October

Export: August - November