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Hottop KN-8828P-2K Home Coffee Roaster Programmable

  • Hottop KN-8828P-2K
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  • Besides the animations on the message center, the lighting on the LCD screen changes depending on which mode or function is in use to alert the user.
  • The KN-8828P-2K also features a knob on the back of the machine, below the main ventilation fan. In emergency situations, such as a power outage or a failure of the electrical ejection mechanism, the user can pull this knob and manually eject the beans. Just one of many safety features of the KN-8828P-2K Coffee Roaster.
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  • 1 - Countdown timer to show total amount of time left in the current roasting process. 
2 - Current roasting chamber temperature. 
3 - Fan state and relative speed (fan is off in this picture) 
4 - Current state (Roasting, Plus Time, Cooling, etc.). 
5 - Eight programmable roasting segments will be available to be programmed. These bars show the portion of the programmed temperature which has been achieved for the programmed temperature for that segment. 
6 - In the same way the vertical bar shows temperature progress, these four squares show how the programmed time for the current segment is progressing. Each one indicates 25% of the time for that particular segment. Here you see that this segment is at about 50% of the programmed time. 
7 - This time display shows the amount of time left for the active segment. 
8 - This bar represents the user's programmed temperature for that segment.
  • New to the KN-8828P-2K is the addition of a K thermocouple to sense the roasting temperatures. Faster-response time to changes and and more accurate roasting are the result.

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Product Description

The Hottop Roaster Programmable Model KN-8828P-2K (new Model) is for people who need larger batches than the air roasters, longer roasts, a commercial kind roast-and-cool cycle, and a more sturdy machine. Roasting with the Hottop Programmable Model KN-8828P-2-K takes an additional effort: you need to know the sights, sounds and smells of the coffee roasting process to get the most effective results. However this technique, roasting along with your senses, is rewarded in a machine that provides a close-up view of the coffee throughout the roast cycle.

The new Hottop Programmable Model KN-8828P-2K is that the latest model and options the following enhancements over either of the earlier analog or digital models. I you roast a lot of coffee you’re going to get a lot of smoke. There is no way around it. With the Hottop Programmable Model KN-8828P-2-K, you’re going to need ventilation to the outdoors, ideally by installing it under a kitchen vent hood. The roast profile reproduces the results of shop drum roaster more than the little home air roasters. This particularly suits people who roast for espresso extraction, however in cupping the Hottops lighter roasts, i’m impressed with the aromas and delicate balance of the cup quality.

The Hottop Programmable Model KN-8828P-2K is a easy and simple roaster to work. Like previous models, enjoyed by many home roasters, the new P-2-K model can be operated on automatic by simply pressing ‘Power/Start’ button 3 times. The default program is eighteen minutes and/or a target temperature of 422 degrees; the coffee ejects whichever comes first. The roaster will begin warming up followed by a beep that it’s ready. Measure and pour green coffee into the top funnel. The roaster is capable of roasting 300 grams however 250 grams are recommended – that is about 9 ounces, however you’ll be able to roast less too.

During a roast you’ll be able to override any of the settings for time, temperature, fan speed and heat component power. Want to move the roast along faster? Increase the heat component power and reduce the fan speed. While you roast the Hottop P-2-K is recording your actions. Once you have finished the roast you’ll have chance to save the program you just created. You’ll be able to save a complete of three such programs. Next time you use one of the programs if you create any more tweaks you’ll be able to choose to save over your previous program otherwise you can keep the previous one. It’s up to you.

Summary features of The Hottop Programmable Model KN-8828P-2K:

Color LCD display. Built-in line voltage control, no variac required. Built-in temperature safety features. User have to press any key to continue roasting if darker roast required when Hottop temperature display 415 F, otherwise Hottop can dump the beans and shut off the machine automatically. 15 – 17 minutes for a 250 grams (i.e. 9 oz or 1/2 lb) batch. Target time, target temperature, fan speed, or heater power can be changed throughout roast. The Hottop Programmable Model KN-8828P-2-K adjusted profile can be saved and played back. Capacity: 225g – 300g per roasting (250g optimal).

The Hottop Programmable model is built on the very solid foundation of the Basic machine - with an even more dynamic user interface; the programmable model allows the user to create a roast profile. - There are 8 stages to the roast for which you can set time, temperature and fan speed. Up to 9 programmed roast profiles can be saved and recalled. The machine has an Auto mode - so you do not need to program it. The LCD display gives you feedback on the roast at every point - so you can see where you are in the process.

* Computer controlled roasting for accuracy and repeatability
* Fully automatic roasting & cooling
* User can end roast at any time.
* Manual Emergency Eject mechanism
* K-Style Thermocouple installed
* Capacity: 225g - 300g per roasting (250g optimal)
* Roast cycle: 12 to 22 minutes (varies with programming). User can end roast at any time
* External cooling tray with agitation arm and forced-air cooling fan. Beans cool in 4 to 5 minutes
* Deep chaff tray to make removal of chaff easy
* Easy cleaning
* Very quiet operation
* Built-in smoke reduction system
* Stainless steel cover and drum
* Large window gives excellent view of the beans during roasting
* Audible and visual signals of roast progress
* Heat element: 750 Watts
* Steel Drum: 4 x 8 inches
* Viewing window: 4 inches
* Height: 14 inch
* Width: 10 inch
* Depth: 19 inch
* Weight: 19 pounds
* Voltage: available in 110 V, 120 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V
* Warranty: 1 year

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