Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley A/X Gourmet Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

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Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley A/X  green coffee beans. These Coffee Beans Shares many of the unique flavors of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans. Look for a sweet acidic flavor with a mild, medium body and caramel and black cherry - roasted medium.

 Coffee has been cultivated in the Nebilyer Valley for over 40 years, and the bulk of it originates from small holders. Previously, the valley has been strained because clans and tribes have been at war. However, with the addition of coffee cultivation, the region has become less hostile. This specific coffee is a product of a multitude of small holders’ crops originating in many different villages throughout the valley. The cherries produced by these small holders are taken to the Korgua wet factory and processed using the wet and sun drying methods.

 Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley A/X is sourced from family-owned farms located in the Nebilyer Valley within Tambul-Nebilyer District, Papua New Guinea. Each producer cultivates coffee on 1 to 2 hectares of land. The coffee is fully washed and sun dried at the Kuta mill, which has been in operation for over 40 years. The Kuta mill operates between the Ulga and Kolga tribes and has become a place of common ground for producers who have traditionally been in conflict because of tribal differences. The mill owner, Brian Leahy, makes a bonus payment after the harvest to farmers who consistently deliver quality cherries.



Western Highlands Province next to Wahgi Valley


1350 Meters


Bourbon, Typica


Fully Washed


Sun dried on patios


March - August


July - October