Kenya AA Tamabaya Estate Green Coffee Beans

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Kenya Tamabaya AA Estate Gourmet Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans. This coffee also has incredibly well balanced notes of blackberry, pink grapefruit and lime with a crisp tannic finish. Sound like a weird combo? It's not, trust us. You're gonna love this sophisticated coffee and when you serve it to your friends after dinner, they're going to be impressed with your great taste! This is a one of a kind and hard to find estate. A must try for everyone.

Tambaya is the name of the coffee factory (wetmill) within the Rumukia Coffee Farmer Society in the Karatina area of Nyeri, Kenya. Tambaya currently has around 1,100 members within the cooperative society. Each of the members are small farm holders with about 250 trees each. The area of Tambaya is 1,550 meters above sea level near Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare ranges. There are two main coffee varieties under cultivation: SL- 28 and SL-34, with the vast majority of trees consisting of SL-28.


Attributes: Very balanced and silky mouthfeel

Bean Size: AA (Large)

Chaff Content: Low-Medium

Dominant Cup Characteristic: Dry red wine acidity and clean, tannic finish

Environmental Factors: Few if any chemicals used in growing or processing

Flavor Traits: Blackberry, pink grapefruit and lime

Growing Conditions: Shade grown, hand picked, sun dried on raised tables

Hardness of the Bean: Very Hard

Processing:  Washed

Varieties: SL-28 and SL-34